We have long been an advocate of using video online because of its amazing ability to engage users – especially when compared to textual content.

Now it seems video is fast becoming the darling of Twitter, according to the latest stats from the social networking giant.  This month, Twitter released a host of interesting facts and advice about how its users engage with video compared to standard Tweeting, confirming the benefit of using video to enhance your brand. As with most forms of video online, the stats are pretty impressive!


Our top tips!

Our advice would always be to remember that just any old video will not do, and a bad video can have disastrous effects. Despite the temptation presented by iPhones and other everyday devices with built-in cameras, and even the built in ‘editing’ ability of the Apps that encourage it, your video should still be a considered initiative. So always consider:

– what you are trying to say
– what takeaway message would you like to convey
– what action would you like viewers to take
– is it congruent with my brand or current initiative
– what exposure could it represent etc.?

Make sure the video you put out is deliberate, on brand, or specifically on message, and considers the above – and more. I’m not saying call in a Hollywood producer, but do make sure your brand is not suddenly reduced to a poorly-lit, amateur video with terrible sound. There is no going back!  Or, if it’s just going to be a bit of abject craziness or fun, make sure it is very much presented as that – and probably not released via your official account!

We have produced videos for dozens of companies, so if we can help with yours please just get in touch before you’re tempted to do something you might regret!