New Experian stats reveal the UK’s addiction to online video is official.

The Experian Hitwise report shows some interesting online visitor trends, which also underline user’s love affair with video. Firstly, they note people are spending less time per visit (down by 20% from last year). This confirms our culture of ‘skimming’ content whilst Browsing, much like flicking through a magazine until something catches our eye. And evidently what catches our eyes the most, is video content.

So whilst the average time per visit we spend online has dropped around 20%, the average visit time for video content in the UK has increased by about the same amount – up to 18+ minutes per visit. So in a world where we are reading less and less online, video is filling the gap.


It’s hard to imagine the Internet without YouTube, and yet the Web’s definitive video giant was just 8 years old last month. The viewing numbers seem almost ‘other-worldly’, but the UK spent 323 million hours watching online video content in February 2013. Thats’ 100 million more hours than were spent watching in February 2012, and represents a year-on-year growth of 45%. So we are making more visits to video websites, and we’re also spending longer watching video content overall.

Can your business benefit from this growth? Yes!
The question is how to benefit from this growth in video consumption? The data shows that e-commerce sites are amongst the biggest beneficiaries online, with 16% of all visits leaving video sites going directly to transactional websites. Other stats also reveal 50% fewer customer returns if a video appears on the product! More on that in another Blog…

They key is to use video for websites intelligently to drive customers to their websites, and that includes video for SEO and in your social footpprint, as well as appearing on your website from optimised YouTube and other video channels. The effects are pretty amazing, with video attracting on average 66% of all the click when it appears on a page.

We’ve been harping on about video for about 15 months now, and it’s nice to see the stats backing up the predictions. If you’d like help with your online video strategy, we can most definitely transform your online footprint with engaging, cost-effective video.