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Survey after survey confirms web users are reading less and less content. The truth is, most users prefer images and if possible, a video to sum things up nicely. We are the TV generation, and that’s how we like it! That’s why when a video appears on a web page, around two-thirds of users will click on it. (src: Google)

video-for-webThen consider how people are accessing website content. Smartphones and tablets have transformed the way we use the Internet, with 38% of all web browsing already done on-the-go (source: Google). This number is only set to increase – and if ever there’s a sector well suited to video, it’s the mobile Internet!

YouTube, Social Media, News and the big Shopping sites account for the vast majority (up to 70%) of all Internet usage – and every one of leading Internet sectors is ramping up their integration of video in a big way. In particular, Google has invested over $1bn in YouTube, developing its search engine to integrate video content.

Which is why you’ll notice videos appearing in the results of Google searches in ever-increasing numbers, and almost always in the top five natural results. We strongly believe in the power of online video, and since January 2012 we’ve been pioneering the use of video for SEO. Watch our Video to discover more