Not all websites have to be complicated, or expensive. Simple can be just as engaging and effective.

There is still a place for basic websites, even in today’s world of demanding users and stiff competition.  The trick is to ensure the site’s content and focus are still properly considered, which often means a good proportion of the work goes into getting the site’s general positioning, look and feel and overall resonance correct for its marketplace.

Charterfield Homes

One such example is a recent project for Charterfield Homes, who specialise in the development of prestigious and luxury residential schemes in London.

Their target audience and locations are really quite specific, and connecting with this user group means taking the time to understand their priorities and criteria. Our resulting eight-page website, which is small and uncomplicated in today’s terms, achieves this in a simple and responsive form by presenting the right information, in the right way, and in the right proportions.

So this rather elegant website is neither huge nor complex, but remains a perfect fit for the job. It is a classic example of taking the unique qualities of a business, and focusing these on its customers – to great effect.