Following several months of design and development work, we are very pleased to launch the new Brown & Lee website.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 11.55.54Our new look for Brown & Lee started with a simple but distinctive modernisation of the company’s brand.

This new look provided the momentum to let us loose on developing a modernised website for the group’s three offices, helping us establish a consistent look and feel across all digital and printed elements we’d produce for the group.

Moving onto the website’s technical background, from our industry experience we know that a great Property Search facility is be an essential element of a property website’s success and viewer engagement, and we wanted this area to lead the way in providing a fast and accurate information.

Working alongside Agency Pilot, we developed a completely new way to format and deliver property search results, transforming this area into an inviting, modern and interactive facility.

This approach and attention to detail followed through the rest of the build, including new photography for all staff and buildings, and underlining the site’s professional look and feel. The content has been streamlined to give viewers quick access to the information they’re looking for, and the bold new layout makes it easy to locate regional office and key personnel.

Overall, this blend of cutting-edge, responsive technology and user-friendly and engaging design, produced a winning combination.

The new website can be seen here: