Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behaviour – infographic

As most of us would readily acknowledge, almost all of our media consumption is screen based. But where television used to reign supreme, we now exist in a multi-screen world of smartphones, tablets, laptops and such – with ever more content on demand. So it’s about time some stats were assembled, preferably in the form of the web’s new favourite format for such things: the infograph!


Taken directly from the Google/Ipsos/Sterling 2012 research into user activity, you can see from this multi-screen infographic PDF the amazing development, growth and impact of this multi-screen existence. And if nothing else, it should send a clear message about how to develop your next website: think Responsive Design! You can read about Responsive Design in our Blog article here.

There’s no getting away from the fact the ‘mobile Internet’, or browsing on the go, is where a huge section of our target audience occupies their time. I’ll leave you with one more sobering statistic: In 2013, mobile Internet usage is set to surpass desktop internet browsing, for the first time ever (source: Gartner).

Is your website or online business ready for this unprecedented shift in user behaviour?