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New Brown & Lee website launch…

Following several months of design and development work, we are very pleased to launch the new Brown & Lee website. Our new look for Brown & Lee started with a simple but distinctive modernisation of the company’s brand. This new look provided the momentum to let us loose on developing a modernised website for the group’s three offices, helping us establish a consistent look and […]

Sometimes, simple and elegant is best…

Not all websites have to be complicated, or expensive. Simple can be just as engaging and effective. There is still a place for basic websites, even in today’s world of demanding users and stiff competition.  The trick is to ensure the site’s content and focus are still properly considered, which often means a good proportion of the work goes […]

What screens are we looking at mostly?

Ever thought it might be interesting to compare what screens we spend our time looking at? It’s a multi-screen world out there, and we do spend a great deal of time looking at screens of various types and sizes. But which ones, and how do we compare to other countries? The chart below reveals a snapshot of daily screen ‘consumption’, and […]

Facebook for Business ‘failing to deliver’

I think it’s true that, with some notable exceptions, Facebook as a business tool is not really doing it for the vast majority of those businesses that try it. And now there’s this latest turn of events regarding followers… Carving out a space amongst the person to person ‘life clutter’ (and the time in which […]

How mobile is changing email marketing

Email marketing can still be a very effective way to attract and retain customers, increase awareness or even run direct-response campaigns. But it is critical to factor in how people will read your email, and there is no bigger influence than mobile.  Email marketing is primarily about engagement, and the device they are opened on hugely […]

Boombloc website goes live

Boombloc explodes onto the Net! Following a successful video release, the first phase of Sabazios’s website was launched today featuring the innovative Boombloc speaker. As you might expect for a website entering the mobile sales space, the Sabazios site is fully Responsive, therefore intelligently adjusts its layout according the device it is being viewed upon. […]

Do eCommerce giants spell doom for High Street?

As John Lewis announces £1 billion of online sales, what does that mean to the High Street? Our offices are on a High Street, and we love it. So it always gets our attention when a new statistic or observation comes out about online sales or struggling retail stores. And whilst we are have facilitated […]

Video for websites usage skyrockets!

New Experian stats reveal the UK’s addiction to online video is official. The Experian Hitwise report shows some interesting online visitor trends, which also underline user’s love affair with video. Firstly, they note people are spending less time per visit (down by 20% from last year). This confirms our culture of ‘skimming’ content whilst Browsing, […]

The New Multi-Screen World

Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behaviour – infographic As most of us would readily acknowledge, almost all of our media consumption is screen based. But where television used to reign supreme, we now exist in a multi-screen world of smartphones, tablets, laptops and such – with ever more content on demand. So it’s about time some stats […]

Choosing a Search Engine Optimisation partner

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) There is no avoiding the fact that SEO is not an exact science; partly because a portion of SEO is strongly influenced by factors that are simply out of the hands of SEO practitioners! This challenge can lead to far too much speculation and ‘expert’ advice being handed out, with the […]