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Welcome to Golf Juice!

We are proud to have produced a show for Sky Sports Television, called Golf Juice! Golf Juice is a fresh new take on a golf show. Hosted by Jimmy Bullard, Zoe Hardman, Johnathan Joseph and Mark Crossfield, it’s a fun, fast-paced and entertaining mix of celebrity guests, challenges, competitions, news, viewer’s videos and general golf-related hi-jinx […]

Extra Care Aerial Video

Aerial filming has opened up a whole new perspective on everyday things and is being increasingly used in the construction and property industries. When a large build project is under construction, from the ground it just looks like a giant building site where you have to crane your neck to see! Only when viewing from the […]

K2 Commercial

Video has continued to lead the way in our marketing of this local business park for Circle plc. In addition to our print and digital media marketing, we have produced several videos to support the marketing of the two buildings at this location. These videos included a time-lapse, which was filmed over 3 months of extensive landscaping on […]

Commercial for Audio Device

An exciting product launch demands an exciting video! The Boombloc from Sabazios is an innovative audio speaker designed to work with smartphones, and we needed to promote its unique features in a video commercial that would appeal to end users and potential distributors alike. The resulting project uses an effective combination of creative video techniques, […]

Filming in Dubai

It’s a wrap! December saw probably our last video project of the year, and we really did save the best until last… We have just finished filming in downtown Dubai this week, and the city some call the ‘playground of the Middle East’ did not fail to deliver. Everywhere you look is something truly extraordinary! Extraordinary does not always mean something great […]

Video is winning on Twitter too

We have long been an advocate of using video online because of its amazing ability to engage users – especially when compared to textual content. Now it seems video is fast becoming the darling of Twitter, according to the latest stats from the social networking giant.  This month, Twitter released a host of interesting facts and advice about how its […]

Aerial filming and photography

We are pleased as punch to report we can now offer full commercial Aerial Filming and Photography! As always we are keen to stay ahead of the game, and true to form we’ve taken our video production services to the ‘next level’. Most people call them ‘Drones’, and they are becoming an incredibly versatile platform […]

Video for websites usage skyrockets!

New Experian stats reveal the UK’s addiction to online video is official. The Experian Hitwise report shows some interesting online visitor trends, which also underline user’s love affair with video. Firstly, they note people are spending less time per visit (down by 20% from last year). This confirms our culture of ‘skimming’ content whilst Browsing, […]

Why video rules the Internet!

Ready to engage your audience like never before? Survey after survey confirms web users are reading less and less content. The truth is, most users prefer images and if possible, a video to sum things up nicely. We are the TV generation, and that’s how we like it! That’s why when a video appears on […]