Boombloc explodes onto the Net!

Following a successful video release, the first phase of Sabazios’s website was launched today featuring the innovative Boombloc speaker.

As you might expect for a website entering the mobile sales space, the Sabazios site is fully Responsive, therefore intelligently adjusts its layout according the device it is being viewed upon. We will shortly be adding the ability to purchase Booomblocs online, to support the many shows and trade fairs planned for the end of 2013.


It seems whoever we show the Boomblocs too, they are instantly intrigued and want to know how to get hold of one. as a campaign, the video helps explain the device in a short and punchy way, and the website provides the further details and  information for Resellers.

We are shortly commencing work on Point of Sale, Banners, Exhibitions content and Promotional Items so that the shows and events go with a bang!

Sabazios is proving to be an exciting brand, and we are enjoying being part of their launch and journey to market.