We are pleased as punch to report we can now offer full commercial Aerial Filming and Photography! As always we are keen to stay ahead of the game, and true to form we’ve taken our video production services to the ‘next level’.

Most people call them ‘Drones’, and they are becoming an incredibly versatile platform as they can be flown closer to the ground – and nearer to your intended subject – than manned aircraft.

It means instead of using jibs and booms and setting up dolly strips for cameras, or hiring cranes and helicopters that cost tens of thousands, a Drone allows us to catch high-quality high definition footage for a fraction of the time and cost.

Whether for commercial buildings, events, business parks, corporate-videos, surveys, inspections, houses – or just stunning photos and video for your marketing – we are uncovering new uses every week for the unique nature of the footage we collect.

As well having aerial competence (and a compliant aircraft!) in order to operate commercially the law requires that any organisation must be qualified to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval.

The whole process takes around 4-6 months of dedicated effort, and many hours of practice. We’re pleased to say Jason has achieved BNUC-S status, and is fully qualified to pilot our very own Drone.


Aero DynamicsOperating under the name Aero-Dynamics (what else!?) our Aerial Filming division fits seamlessly with our existing video production capabilities.