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Kents Hill Business Park

Our task here was to create and establish a new brand for the business park, and actively develop this into all areas of design, marketing and PR for this exciting project.
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Louch Shacklock (UK, France, Germany)

Rising from the ashes of long-established commercial agents Douglas Duff, our mission was to quickly establish Louch Shacklock & Partners with a strong brand, fresh creative approach and interactive website.
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Mercedes Benz Club

A complete interactive redesign and technical development built to serve and support the existing 10,000 strong members, and encourage a new generation of members to engage with the marque and join the Club.
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Tensator Group (UK, EU, USA)

As Tensator’s longest serving creative provider, we have enjoyed a busy and interactive relationship with Tensator Europe and USA since 2001, which includes all online and ecommerce provision.
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Cegid (UK, France)

To introduce our design, approach and way of thinking to European brochures, and invigorate the email marketing of this international retail services specialist.
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SBD (UK, Japan)

Bringing focus and clarity to SBD’s commercial offering, suggesting a highly successful positioning exercise by separating their top-level consultancy and the selling of existing specialist reports.
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Boombloc Video

For the Boombloc audio speaker we were asked to create and produce a forty-five second promotional product video that would appeal to end users and potential distributors alike...
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