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Dynamics Media 2015 trends

Our guide to What’s Hot in 2015…

What types and methods of design and marketing should you be focusing on in 2015…? With more options to consider than ever before, we decided to put together a bit of a roundup of what things are looking like in the world of design and marketing for 2015  – and beyond.  We also thought it […]


Aerial filming anyone?

We are pleased as punch to report we can now offer full commercial Aerial Filming and Photography! As always we are keen to stay ahead of the game, and true to form you might say we’ve taken our video production services to the ‘next level’. Most people call them ‘Drones’, and they are becoming an incredibly […]

Screen types used across world

What screens are we looking at mostly?

Ever thought it might be interesting to compare what screens we spend our time looking at? It’s a multi-screen world out there, and we do spend a great deal of time looking at screens of various types and sizes. But which ones, and how do we compare to other countries? The chart below reveals a snapshot of daily screen ‘consumption’, and […]

Facebook Fail

Facebook for Business ‘failing to deliver’

I think it’s true that, with some notable exceptions, Facebook as a business tool is not really doing it for the vast majority of those businesses that try it. And now there’s this latest turn of events regarding followers… Carving out a space amongst the person to person ‘life clutter’ (and the time in which […]

Concrete Barrier Hire company

Concrete Barriers for hire!

We’re pleased to launch the new website for concrete block heavyweights Block Aid UK. As a creative agency, we have to take our hats off to Block Aid!  They continue to form recycled concrete into effective, practical ways to secure property, support marquees or accurately test loads and weight with impressive accuracy. And the creativity […]


How mobile is changing email marketing

Email marketing can still be a very effective way to attract and retain customers, increase awareness or even run direct-response campaigns. But it is critical to factor in how people will read your email, and there is no bigger influence than mobile.  Email marketing is primarily about engagement, and the device they are opened on hugely […]

Boombloc audio speaker

Boombloc website goes live

Boombloc explodes onto the Net! Following a successful video release, the first phase of Sabazios’s website was launched today featuring the innovative Boombloc speaker. As you might expect for a website entering the mobile sales space, the Sabazios site is fully Responsive, therefore intelligently adjusts its layout according the device it is being viewed upon. […]

Crouch Tree Services

Crouch Tree Services goes live

Another successful branding and website project goes live! We enjoyed this project, as it was a chance to carry out a real ground-up transformation of how the business would be positioned, represented and marketed. Starting with a new brand, we used modern geometric shapes and legacy accent colours to create a brand that would sit […]


Our latest MK Video Production project

An exciting product launch demands an exciting video! The Boombloc from Sabazios is an innovative audio speaker designed to work with smartphones, and we needed to promote its unique features in a video commercial that would appeal to end users and potential distributors alike. The resulting project uses an effective combination of creative video techniques, […]


Optimising websites for mobile devices

Not going for Responsive Design? There’s still plenty you can do to make your mobile audience happier… There’s no getting away from the huge increase in browsing on-the-go, and it’s commonly accepted that mobile usage is poised to overtake desktop within a year. Most businesses want their website to at least be viewable on mobile […]